I’ve always had issues with any directions that involved going west in order to go east or going north in order to go south. How pointless! I would rather sit in a bit more traffic going in the right direction than take a long expressway loop off course.

When the major burn-out set in at work, I ticked through every job option I could think of that would not require a bunny hop backward before moving forward. How could I move back to an entry-level job or even back to school at this point? It’s like chutes and ladders – I’m already THIS FAR, so how can I stand to go waaaay back there and start over again?

Until one evening the hubs saw me groaning under a pile of work and asked, “Why don’t you just go back to school and become a librarian?”

Whaaaa? I can do that?  I CAN DO THAT! And somehow in the past few months, it’s all fallen into place. We won’t get to luxuriate in being DINKs like we have been (the joy of Dual Income, No Kids…  it’s hard to give up!), but we’ll be able to hold it together while I go back to school full time starting this fall to get my MLIS. I will definitely have more to say once my salary stops coming in and the schoolwork starts up about this moving backwards business, but at the moment it feels really good (and good = terrifying).