It’s almost time to pick up another batch of CSA goodies, so I thought I’d run through some of what we made with the last load!

Turnips are bitter. I should have listened to the wise, veggie-eating soul who told me to gratin these babies up. The recipe I made called for blanching the halved baby turnips, and that just didn’t cook out their funky aftertaste (perhaps they should have been sliced into smaller pieces? or cooked longer?). In other news, the mammoth melting sugar snap peas we cooked them up with? Amazing. I could eat them every day.

I wanted the beets so much that I keep saving them for something special and still haven’t cooked them. Oops! I did fix the beet greens a la Simply Recipes along with some CSA onions and garlic, and even beet-hating husband liked them. Lesson of the day: if I add bacon, he will eat it.

Apparently green garlic is supposed to be eaten while still, ahem, green, but ours was already dried out. It subbed well for regular garlic (though smaller and thus more work to process), and I didn’t notice a difference in flavor. Perhaps it holds onto that mysterious delicate flavor when it’s actually green.

The baby peaches? Juicy and delish. They made me so eager for peach season to get here.

And the basil went into caprese salads (love!) and something Hubs has been wanting to try for a while: basil mojitos. I had no idea what to expect from this faux-jito, but it ended up being pretty tasty. Very fresh, crisp, and summery. Lesson of the day: don’t take your basil mojito with you when you go outside to pot some plants. You will get dirt in it, and you will be sad. But your lovely hubs will make you another.