My Droid apparently blew a speaker, which caused it to heat up into a little brick of fire if I dared to put it on speakerphone or play music without headphones. Not good. When I took it to Verizon, it was declared unfixable and a new phone was shipped to me. This was good/bad news because in this age of Market downloads and heavily customizable screens, it’s a pain in the thumb to switch to a new phone, particularly when you’ve got to move the battery from the old phone into the new one and can’t just have both phones on at the same time.

So before I switched to this lovely guy

I pulled out my camera, turned on the macro setting so that the icons would be clear, and snapped screenshots:

This would also work if you’re downloading a launcher to increase your number of screens. I use HelixLauncher and set it for 5 screens instead of the standard 3 (you can have as many as 7). When I first loaded it, I was annoyed to discover that you have to completely reset all of your screen icons since your previous customization is not carried over. You still have to spend some time downloading and setting shortcuts, but it’s much easier when you don’t have to remember names and preferred locations as well. (And no, my hands are not naturally red. That must be a fun result of bad lighting.)