When I moved in with the hubs, I took over a corner of our guest room and made it my sewing nook. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, but it’s adequate for my amateur sewing adventures.

Old student desk that I’ve been using since middle school, sewing machine, and some hidden bins under the guest bed to store fabric. And yes, yes, this is an accent wall. I’m not totally crazy, people. I fell in love with this color on a card, then went out and color-matched the paint.

I love this awesome Etsy pincushion. It was a gift, but I bet you could whip one of these up pretty easily from some fabric scraps. Also, if you are going to make curtains, the 3 inch hem clips are a life saver.

These vintage apron patterns belonged to my grandmother and her sister. The one on the left is from 1964, and the one on the right is dated 1940. 1940! I want do something nicer for the background matting, but what would work with a funky green wall, a faded pattern envelopes, and pattern colors? For now… white.