A mystery has unfolded in my house.  We would leave a bowl of cherry tomatoes sitting on the counter, and in the morning one would be lying in the middle of the den with scary vampire teeth marks.  Hubs and I looked at each other and instantly said: BUNNICULA!

Did you read Bunnicula as a kid? It’s been, ahem, a few years since I read it, but apparently this tale of a family that finds tomatoes punched with vampire teeth holes and drained of their color made a lasting impression on both my hubs and me.

I’m not sure what inspired the sudden taste for vegetables, because our culprit is normally a carnivore.

Yes, he’s wrangling a buffalo. That’s the kind of swag you get when you travel to exciting west Texas for work. This morning I was amused to discover that the cat who could take down a buffalo had met his match: full size tomatoes. Fairly small full size tomatoes. Based on the number of vampire marks in these suckers, I think he made quite a few tries to carry them off before giving up.