Because we fully expected our year old wedding cake top to taste like damp styrofoam, I decided to make some anniversary cupcakes based on the ridiculously yummy ones served at our wedding.

We had a traditional bride’s cake, but instead of a groom’s cake we had a spread of goodies. Is that showing my southern side? Do you even know what a groom’s cake is? If you’re not from a groom’s caking part of the country, this would be a more fun cake to give people a choice besides the big white traditional one. It’s typically chocolate, and if you’re lucky made into a crazy theme shape. For example: someone found my blog by searching for “bryant denny stadium groom’s cake” and I once went to a wedding with a World of Warcraft cake.

We didn’t get to eat much at the wedding, but they packed up a picnic basket with goodies for us to take with us for a late night snack. Our #1 favorite thing was the Caramel Mocha Sea Salt cupcakes. WOW. So for our anniversary I knitted together a collection of blog recipes into some incredibly good cupcakes. We may need to make these for every anniversary for the next 50 years. And possibly for family get-togethers too. And birthdays.

All you need are this chocolate cake and this mocha frosting. Then drizzle some caramel sauce on top (yours won’t look as weird as mine because you won’t run to the CVS at the last minute only to discover that they only sell half and half, not cream, which will then make your caramel go wonky because of the difference in fat content), sprinkle a bit of sea salt, and stick a chocolate covered espresso bean on top. SO GOOD. And I won’t even tell anyone if you cheat and make them with a cake mix, a tub of frosting, and a jar of ice cream caramel. Promise.