Did I just disappear for a couple of weeks? Oops. Since we talked last, I’ve spent a weekend in Houston with some of the husband’s relatives and their 5000 dogs, grown totally sick of summer heat (the high hasn’t been below 101 in days… I may melt), bought a new (used) car (a Matrix christened Neo, even though I can’t stand Keanu), handed over the company car and a ridiculous stack of boxes full of books and files and supplies to the new rep for the publisher, met the prof who I will be TA’ing for the next year, and given up my last weeks of freedom before school starts to early TA work. I have a huge list of things I wanted to accomplish before my summer of unemployment ended, and less than half of them have been checked off. I’m home today and should be chugging through the list while I can, but it’s so much nicer to sleep in and relax instead. Besides, I’ve been attacked all day by needy animals who have been spoiled to me being home this summer and now want a week’s worth of attention to make up for me being on campus the past few days. It’s nice to be needed šŸ™‚

I definitely like the prof who I’m going to be working with — she’s energetic and passionate about her job. And she has asked me to start early so that I can pick the brain of her TA who’s about to graduate. I’m losing some summer project time, but I get paid. Who can argue with that? I spent most of my week pre-grading research papers, which would have taken a lot less time if my brain weren’t trained to MLA standards instead of APA (to which my goofy husband said “I prefer ABBA” ). I’ve spent the past few years on my feet all day every day, running around campuses and talking. This week, I sat at a desk. For hours. With no window. Staring at a computer. This will most definitely be an adjustment. But… I’m excited. Really excited. Some very cool opportunities have popped up in the past few days (maybe some funding? maybe a trip?), so it feels like things are moving in a really good direction.

Have a good weekend!