When I realized how much free time I would have this summer, I wrote up a huge list of projects and goals to accomplish (the list below is just a fraction of them). I was worried about the length of the free time as it tends to make me a little batty. so I was carefully spacing these projects out over my two month break. Suddenly that two month break became one month, and not even half of the items on my list had been checked off. I can’t complain about the break ending since it meant work! and a paycheck! but it’s incredibly frustrating to look around and see all the things that still haven’t been done. Now class starts in THREE DAYS and my parents are visiting in two weeks, and I’m not sure if or when any of it will happen.

  1. Finish sewing kitchen/sitting area curtains (they’ve been half done for longer than I care to admit. Done! Kitchen curtains are FINISHED, as well as a curtain for the office. Fabric has been bought and cut for the guest room, then the whole house will be lovely. Unless of course I decide to go back and rework the den…

  2. Learn to perfectly poach an egg (even if I have to resort to a poach pod). Well… Poach pod mastered. Over easy egg mastered. Poached egg without training wheels? Not yet attempted. Oops.

  3. Sew through my stash. Not even started. I even bought fabric for a new outfit, failed miserably, and still have the mangled parts sitting next to my sewing machine.

  4. Lose the newlywed nine (but no, this will most definitely NOT become a weight loss blog). So if we’re being honest, the “newlywed nine” was actually fifteen. Five of which are now gone. So: yay and boo. 

  5. Beat Workout 3 of the 30 Day Shred. I did Workout 1 to get ready for the wedding, but when I moved up to Workout 2 it was too demoralizing. Now I’m determined to kick its tail, even if my arms fall off from exhaustion in the process. Major fail. I have mastered Workout 1, but no more. My problem is the stupid arm workouts. You really can’t advance to level 2 unless you can do real push-ups, and I’m still doing what we called “girl push-ups” in middle school. 

  6. And the big poppa: Excavate the home office (I’m ashamed to show this, but I’m hoping that putting my absurdly scrappy desk out there will inspire me to get cleaning…). So this one is 85% done. All the piles and piles of publisher papers are GONE, but the “to be filed” stack is leaning precariously and threatening to swallow my desk whole. Did I mention that school starts in THREE DAYS? Yes, it’s time to get this done.