I am currently relearning what it’s like to juggle courseloads, but this time with house and pets and husband in the mix as well (not necessarily in that priority order). Last week was particularly crazy because my parents were heading into town for Labor Day weekend, lots of people were joining us for a holiday dinner last night, and I still had all of those summer cleaning projects left to wrap up before the house would be guest-ready. So what did I do? I worked myself sick, of course. Nothing like making yourself sick before it’s even two weeks into the semester, right? Luckily after getting tons of sleep and then finding a bar stool to cook from (and putting my family to work on prep for last night), I pulled it all off. Woo!

My apologies if posts are few and far between this fall, but I’m hoping that once I get into a routine I’ll have some time to set aside just for talking to yall.  Hope you enjoyed the long weekend!