I’m a lifelong book-lover trying to find my place in the world alongside my dear Cajun Husband, my pup, and our pile of cats. I hung out in academia a while then sold some textbooks, and now I’m back in the college fold getting my MLIS so that I can (I hope) work in an academic library someday.

I’ll be rambling about library school, textbook publishing, the crazy American education system, career crises, newlywed life, going back to school, books I love and hate, and what I’m reading now. I’m keeping it vague around these parts even though I’ve escaped the Unnamed Publisher.

And since you made it this far, here’s the Bookish-famous Bella:

Warning: if you steal content or images, she will be very sad, and she will take it out on the books. You wouldn’t want that, would you?