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After the sappy love overload of the anniversary, I apparently had used up all of my good karma and proceeded to have a really crappy day. A holy cow, there’s a $5000 fraudulent charge to my credit card bad day. And of course the bad day snowballed. Once it starts to go bad, every little thing seems terrible. That car cut me off! The grocery store is out of the on-sale steaks! The whining was getting bad enough that even I could tell it was ridiculous, so I bought myself flowers. Do you ever go out and buy flowers just for you?  I highly recommend it. Don’t wait for someone else to bring them to you. Even incredibly thoughtful guys may not think to get you flowers when you need them, like for an anniversary or a terrible day, or a terrible day following an anniversary (ahem). And you also shouldn’t have to have a significant other just to have something to brighten your day.

I don’t spend a lot on big fancy bouquets (obviously). I just buy flowers that make me happy and that look like they’ll last more than a day. If I had a green thumb like my mother or my grandmother, I would just go out into my garden and cut flowers to put in a vase, but I haven’t yet conquered the “cutting” garden. My herb garden could take over the world, but thyme and sage don’t have quite the same decorative effect.

So GO! Buy yourself some flowers. Add some pretty to your day. Make yourself smile.

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