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This lovely squash overload came home with me from my CSA pick-up this Thursday. When I saw that I wouldn’t be getting anything huge and leafy and everything would likely fit in my messenger bag, I decided it was high time I take to the bike. I live in the land of BMWs, Hummers, pick-up trucks, and constant air-conditioning, which you might guess also means it is NOT pedestrian friendly. Luckily my suburb has decent bike trails, even if they do follow ditches or power lines. The first half of my ride was easy enough, though hot. I dropped off Juliet, Naked at the library, picked up my replacement phone from FedEx, then went for the veggies.

And oh my gourd… (US of Tara, anyone? No?) The ride back was tough. I plopped it on the scale when I got home, sure that it would say I was carrying 20 or 30 pounds worth of zucchini and cucumbers.

Apparently, I’m a wimp because 9.8 pounds nearly killed me. Let’s just call this a friendly lesson on how losing weight really does make biking easier: 10 extra pounds on the bike = pain.

So what did we get this time?

Regulars: zucchini, baby summer squash, granex onions, candy apple onions, pickling cucumbers, and peaches. Did I mention PEACHES?! Very excited about the first peaches of the season. They suggested we eat them with a knife since they’re pesticide free. So good.

New guy in town: pattypan squash. What does it taste like? This baby pattypan recipe recommends subbing yellow squash (we make it that way and LOVE it), so are they similar?


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