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Picasso's Woman Reading

  1. I, Rigoberta Menchu – Highly recommended memoir of a woman growing up in Guatemala, particularly if you are interested in Central American revolutions or women’s studies. Heart-breaking and informative.
  2. My Losing Season by Pat Conroy – I HATE basketball, but loved this memoir of sports and life at the Citadel. A must-read if you like sports stories and want to read one about a losing team for a change or if you’ve had a bad experience with military schools.
  3. The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood – Ohhh, how I love Atwood! This was an excellent companion book to Oryx and Crake. The stories are concurrent, but you really should read O&C first. This dystopian vision is dark and fascinating, without the overwhelming depression of The Road.
  4. Wicked by Gregory Maguire (audiobook) – The hubs and I started the audiobook on our big Christmas trek, and we both enjoyed it considerably. I may be 10 years behind on this one, but if you’re behind as well – check it out! The unabridged audiobook was a bit long for my taste at 19.5 hours, and it ended up being too long for even our over the river and through the bayou drive since we like to mix in some satellite radio time as well. We’ll be going to the musical when it comes through town in a few weeks!

Twitter Updates

  • @nodakademic Congrats on her arrival! Hope you both are doing much better and that she's home very soon. 5 years ago
  • @hubbit New twist on aspirational baby naming ;) 5 years ago
  • In a somewhat ironic twist, I'm using my real name twitter account again because I have a new alias. 5 years ago
  • Is muscadine wine supposed to taste like Fun Dip and Pop Rocks? 5 years ago
  • Apparently I'm a hypocrite for believing in same sex marriage but not in incest. You learn so much on facebook... 5 years ago