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My dad and I don’t chat much. We get along well, but we have no idea what to say to each other on the phone. I live three states away, and if he wants to know what’s going on with me, he asks my mom.

But tonight the two of us had a long talk while sitting in an as yet unfurnished den and watching fireflies in the backyard. I came away from it realizing again just how much I respect him. As he described the circumstances of their move and his frustrations at work, I recognized the leadership and strength of character in my mild-mannered father. Our conversation felt like a pre-father’s day gift to both of us, and I’m so glad we found time and words for each other today.

Happy Father’s Day!


Today I’m flying back home to play with ridiculously cute nephews, hang out with my brothers, and help my parents settle into a new house and a new town. For your reading enjoyment, I’ve set up a few posts to publish during the week. I’m not sure when my parents will be getting internet (eep!), so I will likely be staying connected to the world via Twitter and WordPress for Droid.

So for today, you get my nephews. This is a bit of a where’s waldo, but I promise they’re all three under the wrapping paper somewhere:

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