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We were thrilled to discover ACTUAL WATERMELONS growing in the garden! Last year the plants never took, and so far this year they vines had grown and grown (and grown and grown) but never made any sort of fruit. We have two – one about the size of a baseball, the other a little bigger than a softball. Yay!

And to continue creeping you out with bugs, here’s a less scary caterpillar who decided to eat all of our curly parsley. We don’t even eat the curly parsley, but so far it has refused to die. I’m happy to let caterpillars eat plants that I’m not going to use, as long as they stick around once they’re butterflies.


So… any entomologists lurking out there? No? Because something has colonized my porter tomatoes.

More roughage!

Let me introduce you to the zucchini plants that are scheming to take over the world (AKA our backyard). The leaves are the size of a human head. I’m surprised we haven’t lost a cat to this thing yet.

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