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Today I’m saying a bittersweet goodbye to Unnamed Publisher. I now get almost 2 months of being a housewife (if I don’t go completely stir crazy), then I’ll be starting back to school at the end of August. Leaving the pub and my lovely coworkers behind is incredibly hard, but I think it will all be worth it in the end.

Posting will be spotty over the next few days (heh, as if it isn’t spotty the rest of the time…). I’ve got pictures floating around as they move from the work computer to their new home, so several posts will have to wait for the great sorting to wrap up.

And… we’re headed to Austin for the weekend! I’ve only been there for work in the past, so we’re excited to have some fun time around the city. We’ve got family to visit, husband’s coworkers to picnic with, and a city to explore! Let me know if you have any Austin advice.

Have a good weekend!


I was ready to CELEBRATE wrapping up the semester today. Time to par-tay! Semester is over, hard work is done, another easy month to go, and then I’m moving on. But then… my heart tightened, and celebrating didn’t quite seem so appealing.

Change is officially hard, yall. I am thrilled to be going back to school and starting down a new path that will be more personally fulfilling, but getting there is a challenge. I’m leaving a company I love that stands for great things and employs cool, interesting people in order to do something that is a better fit for me. This is one of those big decisions that is easy to make yet difficult to DO. I can remind myself of the reasons I’m leaving (have I mentioned the isolation? whoo-ee), but in the end it’s like I’m breaking up with someone I don’t hate.

Don’t worry, Unnamed Publishing Company:

Have you ever been through that break up? You don’t want to be with him anymore, but it’s hard to leave. Maybe his politics are awful, but his poetry is beautiful. Maybe his humor is spot-on, but he wears socks with sandals. (Hey, some things are deal breakers, yall.  Take 5 minutes. Watch the Deal Breaker clip. I’ll be waiting: Though I’m not sure why they included all that at the end. Focus, people! People? Well, a girl can dream.)

Sometimes you have to walk away from something good in order to work on what just might be better. It isn’t easy. There may be bittersweet days like this one. You may miss a piece of what you’re leaving behind. But. BUT. Your dreams, your romance, your job satisfaction, your work/life balance are worth it.

Have you walked away from something good in the search for more?

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