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A mystery has unfolded in my house.  We would leave a bowl of cherry tomatoes sitting on the counter, and in the morning one would be lying in the middle of the den with scary vampire teeth marks.  Hubs and I looked at each other and instantly said: BUNNICULA!

Did you read Bunnicula as a kid? It’s been, ahem, a few years since I read it, but apparently this tale of a family that finds tomatoes punched with vampire teeth holes and drained of their color made a lasting impression on both my hubs and me.

I’m not sure what inspired the sudden taste for vegetables, because our culprit is normally a carnivore.

Yes, he’s wrangling a buffalo. That’s the kind of swag you get when you travel to exciting west Texas for work. This morning I was amused to discover that the cat who could take down a buffalo had met his match: full size tomatoes. Fairly small full size tomatoes. Based on the number of vampire marks in these suckers, I think he made quite a few tries to carry them off before giving up.


18. The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson – So much better than the first book! Dragon Tattoo was soooo slow to get started that I had decided I wouldn’t pick up this one. Then I got stranded in a podunk middle of nowhere Texas airport and picked it up in the airport bookstore (the other options were BAD). I really got hooked on this one, and I’m anxious to read the final book of the trilogy, though the reviews haven’t been wonderful.

19. Elvenbane by Mercedes Lackey – More fantasy fun. I enjoyed this one, but haven’t been able to continue the series because book 2 has gone missing from my husband’s collection (which I finally organized so that I could steal his books without going crazy!).

20. The Ship Who Sang by Anne McCaffery – And more sci fi fun.

21. PartnerShip by Anne McCaffery and Margaret Ball – And the sequel to more sci fi fun. Not as good as the first.

22. The Librarian’s Career Guidebook by Presicilla Shontz  – Excellent guide! I read this as I was applying to library schools, and greatly appreciated all of the advice about applying, planning your career, choosing courses, etc. This collection of essays is divided into sections for each part of a librarian’s career, so I intently read the early stage sections and skimmed more and more as I got to the discussions of avoiding late career burnout at the end. Highly recommended.

(photo is author’s own ridiculously cute kitten when he was younger and hadn’t acquired a massive milk gut yet)

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