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Ahhh, suburbia, where all bike trails follow either power lines or ditches. Nature at its best, no?


Also, shade? We don’t have much of that crazy concept. I found myself doing what Bella-dog does on hot walks: slooooooow through the shade, fast through the sun. Regardless I still spent at most 10 minutes of my 90 minute ride in shade.

Yes, I bathe in sunblock and still have awesome tan lines.

(Photo from my Droid because I’m still afraid of breaking the real camera)


See previous commentary re: I’m working from home and have nothing new to show you… Oops! So much for a picture a day. I would just call this “concerted effort to take more pictures and share them” instead of “a picture a day,” but it doesn’t have quite the same ring.

In honor of the unofficial start of summer, here’s a shot from our firework watching party last 4th of July. It’s just a month away, so check your camera manual: you may have a simple setting that makes it super easy to take pictures of fireworks that look awesome.

More roughage!

Let me introduce you to the zucchini plants that are scheming to take over the world (AKA our backyard). The leaves are the size of a human head. I’m surprised we haven’t lost a cat to this thing yet.

The problem with working from home is that I don’t run into a lot of new things every day. Hello, den. Hello, home office. Hello, back yard. I take long bike rides, but I’m terrified that I’ll break my camera if I take it with me.

But today, baby cat decided to help me work. He loves it when I actually work at my desk because it’s like a buffet for attention. He settled in for a nap, and I reached for the cell phone with my spare hand to snap this pic.

Occasionally people are afraid of my dog (though never kids, who seem to instinctively know she’s awesome).  Who could be afraid of this face??

Eep! Thought I hit publish on this yesterday. Let’s do the time warp and pretend it’s Tuesday again for Picture #4:

The shirt I nearly bought today. It’s still taunting me. I met my husband on the interweb… He’s a big comic fan…  Eek, I may have to go back for it!


I wish that I had stepped back to take a picture of what was going on beneath this peaceful, lovely butterfly. As it rested its wings on one of our crepe myrtles, my kitten was jumping up and down just below, attempting to catch and eat it.

Today was the annual cajun-boys-and-non-cajun-wives crawfish boil!

I was recently inspired by Parenthetical (Me) and her new photo challenge, so today I picked up my camera and got to work.  After weeks of hot, windy days and empty predictions for rain, today I’m thoroughly enjoying working from home while it pours outside. I wanted to find a way to capture the rain in a picture, so I hung out a window into my garden and caught this shot of rain drops on mint leaves.

Side note: I recommend planting mint in a pot even if you’re going to put it in the ground because it loves to spread out in your garden like a kudzu monster and take over everything.

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