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More roughage!

Let me introduce you to the zucchini plants that are scheming to take over the world (AKA our backyard). The leaves are the size of a human head. I’m surprised we haven’t lost a cat to this thing yet.


The problem with working from home is that I don’t run into a lot of new things every day. Hello, den. Hello, home office. Hello, back yard. I take long bike rides, but I’m terrified that I’ll break my camera if I take it with me.

But today, baby cat decided to help me work. He loves it when I actually work at my desk because it’s like a buffet for attention. He settled in for a nap, and I reached for the cell phone with my spare hand to snap this pic.

Occasionally people are afraid of my dog (though never kids, who seem to instinctively know she’s awesome).  Who could be afraid of this face??

Eep! Thought I hit publish on this yesterday. Let’s do the time warp and pretend it’s Tuesday again for Picture #4:

The shirt I nearly bought today. It’s still taunting me. I met my husband on the interweb… He’s a big comic fan…  Eek, I may have to go back for it!


I wish that I had stepped back to take a picture of what was going on beneath this peaceful, lovely butterfly. As it rested its wings on one of our crepe myrtles, my kitten was jumping up and down just below, attempting to catch and eat it.

Today was the annual cajun-boys-and-non-cajun-wives crawfish boil!

In honor of my first comment (ahhh, small victories), it was officially time for some images in here, yall. The eponymous Bella and I hit the books. Okay, PAWED the books.

Here’s my beauty queen’s big photo shoot:

Hey, ma, do I look over here?

Ma, I look STUPID.

Can I just use this opportunity to bathe my paws and drool on your books?

And drummmmmrolllllllll pleeeease:

The winner! Note from the book cover that I'm not the only one around here who drools over Atwood.

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