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Six years ago today I moved to Texas. As a matter of fact, that was also a Friday the 13th! I wondered at the time if the date might be an ominous sign, and during my two miserable years in the uber-conservative college town a curse didn’t seem unlikely. At the time I intended to power through my Phd and get out, which would mean that I’d be out looking for a tenure-track position now. Instead I hightailed it out of town with a Master’s, killed a little time, sold a lot of textbooks, married the best Cajun husband ever, and now I’m back to school again. I dug around for pictures from the past few years to share here and suddenly realized that the only pictures I could find from my first two years in Texas were of graduation. Sorry, yall. But you’re in luck: thanks to my three years as a wandering textbook rep my collection of Texana pictures is huge. I never carried my camera with me, so you’ll have to suffer through the awesome cell phone picture quality. Enjoy!

Plainview, Texas, is full of cows. Well, lots of Texas is full of cows, but Plainview is full of painted cows that advertise for the Dairy Queen, the car dealership, etc. I love them.

Yes, that says Moonopoly, and appropriately enough it sits in front of the bank.

Speaking of cows: Stephenville, Texas, has more cowboys per capita than any other city (at least according to their signs), and a cow statue downtown advertises their milk sales. (I promise this won’t ALL be about cows. Really.)

I also see some amazingly strange bumper stickers.

Lots and lots of bumper stickers concerning the superiority of one’s political beliefs. I will admit that I do see bumper stickers for the left end of the spectrum on occasion, but they are definitely in the minority.

The billboards are also pretty awesome. As if naming a restaurant Big Fatty’s wasn’t enough, they come up with the “El Farto Grande.” I’m afraid to ask just what that might be.

Speaking of “afraid to ask,” if you don’t know what a calf nut is, I don’t want to be the one to tell you. If you’re really curious, it’ll be cross-referenced with “Rocky Mountain oyster.”

This, my friends, is my all time favorite strip mall ever. Don’t you want to run in and pick up some guns or crossbows while you’re out for donuts?

On my Mom’s last visit, I took her to visit South Fork Ranch, of Dallas fame. We discovered on our tour that they only used this house for external shots and they used special camera tricks to make the house look bigger and the swimming pool appear twice as long.

Austin is an oasis of cool and funky in the midst of central Texas. Hubs would love to move there, and I can understand why.

But the best things I’ve found in Texas? Other than Cajun hubs, this is also where I found my pup dog, Bella (who I SWEAR was named long before I ever heard of Twilight).Texas also gave me Dorian Gray (aka Dory, aka the cutest kitten in the world), who immediately latched onto Bella despite her feelings about cats (they were previously only for chasing, barking at, or cowering from).

We also have two other cats. Have I ever shared them here? Oh dear. I’m a BAD cat-stepmama. Meet Bailey and Emma.


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