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  1. Finish sewing kitchen/sitting area curtains (they’ve been half done for longer than I care to admit)
  2. Learn to perfectly poach an egg (even if I have to resort to a poach pod)
  3. Sew through my stash
  4. Lose the newlywed nine (but no, this will most definitely NOT become a weight loss blog).
  5. Beat Workout 3 of the 30 Day Shred. I did Workout 1 to get ready for the wedding, but when I moved up to Workout 2 it was too demoralizing. Now I’m determined to kick its tail, even if my arms fall off from exhaustion in the process. 
  6. And the big poppa: Excavate the home office (I’m ashamed to show this, but I’m hoping that putting my absurdly scrappy desk out there will inspire me to get cleaning…)

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  • @nodakademic Congrats on her arrival! Hope you both are doing much better and that she's home very soon. 5 years ago
  • @hubbit New twist on aspirational baby naming ;) 5 years ago
  • In a somewhat ironic twist, I'm using my real name twitter account again because I have a new alias. 5 years ago
  • Is muscadine wine supposed to taste like Fun Dip and Pop Rocks? 5 years ago
  • Apparently I'm a hypocrite for believing in same sex marriage but not in incest. You learn so much on facebook... 5 years ago